Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words

"These stories of extraordinary leaders are inspiring examples of people who, with passion, commitment, influence, and achievement, make their part of the world a better place. As important, these human-based leaders all have created an environment that enables, empowers, and motivates those around them to do the same. We all want to be around leaders like this.” - Barry Bales - Director of Governor’s Executive Development Program, LBJ School of Business, University of Texas at Austin


“A deep and moving look at human-based leadership through listening to the stories of truly inspiring leaders who share their stories with authenticity, generosity and passion.” -
Richard S Hartmann - Coach, Beecher, Illinois

Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words Conversations with Human-Based Leaders™ is now available!

Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words

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"Donna has brought a group of leaders to the table to tell their stories in an informal, inspiring manner. Whether you're a coach yourself, a business leader, or someone in any field, the journeys these men and women took can offer guidance for your own career path, no matter what stage of your career you're in.

The stories help identify specific situations which were turning points or epiphanies, and who were those in their lives that impacted their growth, and how their leadership styles, in spite of the differences, helped to inspire others. This is a fantastic read for anyone in business for him or herself, managers in companies small and large, and for anyone looking for inspirational business leadership guidance."
- Michael Luongo - Award winning writer, editor and photographer, New York, NY