Human-Based Leaders

“Human-based leaders marry a passion for what they do with compassion for those with whom they do it. When we’re lucky enough to be touched by them, our passion and our spirit are sparked by the encounter.” - Donna Karlin


The leaders who grace the pages of my book, and others who will be highlighted over time in my blog, come from a cross section of professions; education, journalism, media, profit and non-profit business, military, government, defence and philanthropy. Some names will be familiar and other names not. A common thread between them is that they lead from what I call a sense of "humanness".

Their stories and shared memories de-mystify the experiences of seasoned and successful leaders.

Keeping the twelve featured leaders company through the pages are other leader's ideas of what human-based leadership is. Over time we'll be featuring snippets of HBL stories as we continue the conversations. So come visit often and please, share your experiences with us about the HB leaders in your lives. We'd love to hear their stories.

In the meantime, here's a glimpse of the HB Leaders in Leaders: Their Stories, Their Words.

c h a p t e r 1
Human CliffsNotes
John Spence
Global Business Advisor, Executive Educator, & Speaker

c h a p t e r 2
Changing a Community
Ron Kitchens
Economic Developer

c h a p t e r 3
Influencing Thousands
Joe Saltzman
Award-winning Broadcast Journalist, Professor, & Researcher

c h a p t e r 4
It’s No Accident
Laurier LaPierre
Retired Canadian Senator, Former Broadcaster, & Human Rights Activist

c h a p t e r 5
Charge Neutral
Ruth Ann Harnisch
Enlightened Philanthropist

c h a p t e r 6
The DNA of a Great Team
Ron Worton
Award-winning Geneticist & Researcher

c h a p t e r 7
The Sky’s the Limit
J.D. McFarlan & the FLiTE Team
Vice President F-35 Program, Lockheed Martin
FLiTE Team Members’ Definitions of Human-Based Leadership

c h a p t e r 8
Standing Up for Kids
Rick Koca
Decorated Naval Officer & Award-winning CEO of Nonprofit for Street Kids

c h a p t e r 9
Shocked Into Reality
Tom Stern
Oscar Winner, Author, Nationally-syndicated Comic Strip Writer, & Radio Show Host

c h a p t e r 1 0
Social Leadership
Barry Libert
Business Leader in Social Media, Author, & Speaker

c h a p t e r 1 1
A Burning Platform
Frank McKenna
Businessman, Former Politician, & Diplomat

c h a p t e r 1 2
Courageous Leadership
Robert Zitz
Decorated Leader in Intelligence & Security


Donna Karlin